Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Captain America Clicker Gun?!?


This is what happens when a toy company gets a license for a super-hero, yet has no idea what that super-hero is about. Nor, it seems, would they care. This is also the kind of toy that you'll never be able to identify if it's not in the package.

First things first: As is the case with Batman, Captain America is a hero who should never be used to market a toy gun, period. I don't care what the current "version" of Cap is doing in the comics, nor that the serial Cap had a gun... Steve Rogers doesn't use guns (at least, not during the time period this toy came out).

Secondly, if a toy company insists on selling a "Captain America Clicker Gun," shouldn't there at least be something on the gun itself that identifies it as such? I'm pretty sure the company who made this sold the exact same clicker gun with different header cards.

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