Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Captain America 8mm Box Art!


Ah, the 1970s... when I would go with my mom or entire family to Kmart, and we'd walk past the photo department, and I'd see all the 8mm and super 8mm movies available for purchase (none of which, of course, we ever got)... I remember seeing a bunch of Spider-Man 8mm movies, which I was able to guess were of the 1960s cartoon, but I don't think I ever saw this Captain America one, which would've been a digest version of the 1960s cartoon series I occasionally post here!

It was the days before home video, and if you wanted to watch a cartoon on your terms, you either bought an 8mm movie projector and movies... or you'd buy some of the Kenner toys, like the Easy-Show Projector (which used an 8mm tape loop) or Give-A-Show Projector (which was a slide projector, featuring stories that had no more than 7 panels).

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