Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Mego Comic Action Heroes Cap!


If you thought Mego scrimped on the details with their 8" Captain America, take a look at the Comic Action Heroes Cap! This was a line of figures Mego introduced when Kenner's Star Wars line of smaller figures were taking the market by storm. Plastic was getting too expensive for Hasbro to continue the 12" Joes, so they went to a smaller size before giving up the line entirely (until it was reintroduced in this same scale)... Mego's 8" and 12" figure lines were getting too pricey, as well... so this was their solution.

Now, the sculpts weren't too bad (except for the mannish-looking Wonder Woman), but the paint jobs were absolutely dirt-cheap! None of Cap's stripes are painted, nor are his sleeves or eyes!

Update: Tim A has reminded me that this is a Comic Action Hero Cap, not a Pocket Heroes Cap, as I mistakenly said before... I always mix up those two lines!


  1. That's actually a Mego Comic Action Figure. The POcket Heroes had straight legs and all the Cmoic Action figures had the bent legs.

  2. Thanks, Tim... I always get those mixed up, for some reason!

  3. Happens to us all Jon. I've been following this site now for a couple of months and just love it!!!!

  4. Glad to hear it, Tim! Nice to know my efforts are appreciated!