Thursday, July 23, 2009

Power Records Book and Record Set!


Here's two sets of Power Records, but let's just talk about the Cap one, shall we? While I did have both of them, the Captain America one was my favorite. Years later, I would learn that the issue of Captain America that this was adapted from was written by Tony Isabella, whom I'd later strike up a relationship with. And as I've written before in a Secret Wars-related posting, the Phoenix character shown above wasn't the reborn Jean Grey, but rather the son of Baron Zemo, who would later be revived as the second Baron Zemo!

I don't recall anything about the voices on this, although it wouldn't surprise me if Peter Fernandez (the voice of Speed Racer) did at least a few of the voices, because I've heard his voice on some of the other Power Records sets, particularly the Spider-Man one with the Man-Wolf, where he voiced Spidey using his Speed voice!

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