Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Secret Wars Baron Zemo Action Figure!


And now we start seeing the action figures from the Secret Wars line! Here's the second Baron Zemo, first introduced as The Phoenix in a story written by Tony Isabella (that was later turned into a Power Records Book and Record Set). All the Secret Wars figures came with the "secret shield" that used the same flicker/vari-vue "technology" seen on those gumball dispenser rings I've already posted.


  1. I wish they would re-issue this series in some commemorative format (although I understand it's impossibility due to the different companies/license holders of Marvel characters)

    Secret Wars was a very pivotal action figure line.

  2. That and the more-or-less concurrent Super Powers line, for sure.

    The figures aren't that expensive, it seems to me... heck, I had a Doctor Doom (loose, no shield or weapon) up on eBay a little while back, and didn't get a single bid on it. I thought $5 plus the minimal shipping was a more than reasonable starting bid, but there you go!