Thursday, August 20, 2009

Captain America... Archery Set?!?


OK, just seeing that awful Cap drawing on the card, you know this will be one of those misguided rack toys, don't you? I could never understand why someone would think a Captain America Archery Set would be a good idea... OK, sure, Hawkeye wasn't probably popular enough to license, but, come on... a Green Arrow archery set would've been a better idea, and GA was at least well-known enough to be a Mego figure (and later, a Super Powers one, too)!


  1. There actually WAS a Green Arrow archery toy set! I actually had one.Sadly,it's looong gone & have NO photos of it.It was produced in the mid 1970s I believe.I can't remember the manufacturer.
    I think it just came in flat cardboard packaging with clear platic wrap & also featured pictures of the flash & batman on it.I think it was orange in color.

  2. Well, something for me to keep an eye out for, then!