Friday, August 28, 2009

Happy Birthday, Jack Kirby!

If the King was still with us, he'd be celebrating his 92nd birthday today! And of course, we have Jack to thank for Captain America, as well as a wealth of other comics characters and stories! Well, Jack and his partners, at least!



  1. Hey great timely post! I was totally unaware that it was the King's birthday today! An important day for any Cap fans.

    I just finished a post on my own Captain America-related site ( )and included a shout out to your cool site since I think it deserves to be seen by as many comicbook fans as possible. (well at least by the 50+ visitors I get daily from Google, Bing and Yahoo, lol)

    Well, keep up the good work.(every day, wow!)


    PS. If you are up for it, a link back to my site would be much appreciated!

  2. Thanks for that, Stephen! I've added a link to your blog here, too!