Saturday, July 25, 2009

Falcon Slurpee Cup from 1975!


Friday, July 24, 2009

Giant Coloring Book!


Here's another Captain America coloring book (as well as a Super Friends one)... making it three Cap coloring books I know of... and I have yet to see the interiors of any of 'em! Hopefully, my buddy at Plaid Stallions will get this or one of the other Cap coloring books they haven't covered yet soon, and post pages at their blog!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Power Records Book and Record Set!


Here's two sets of Power Records, but let's just talk about the Cap one, shall we? While I did have both of them, the Captain America one was my favorite. Years later, I would learn that the issue of Captain America that this was adapted from was written by Tony Isabella, whom I'd later strike up a relationship with. And as I've written before in a Secret Wars-related posting, the Phoenix character shown above wasn't the reborn Jean Grey, but rather the son of Baron Zemo, who would later be revived as the second Baron Zemo!

I don't recall anything about the voices on this, although it wouldn't surprise me if Peter Fernandez (the voice of Speed Racer) did at least a few of the voices, because I've heard his voice on some of the other Power Records sets, particularly the Spider-Man one with the Man-Wolf, where he voiced Spidey using his Speed voice!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Mego Comic Action Heroes Cap!


If you thought Mego scrimped on the details with their 8" Captain America, take a look at the Comic Action Heroes Cap! This was a line of figures Mego introduced when Kenner's Star Wars line of smaller figures were taking the market by storm. Plastic was getting too expensive for Hasbro to continue the 12" Joes, so they went to a smaller size before giving up the line entirely (until it was reintroduced in this same scale)... Mego's 8" and 12" figure lines were getting too pricey, as well... so this was their solution.

Now, the sculpts weren't too bad (except for the mannish-looking Wonder Woman), but the paint jobs were absolutely dirt-cheap! None of Cap's stripes are painted, nor are his sleeves or eyes!

Update: Tim A has reminded me that this is a Comic Action Hero Cap, not a Pocket Heroes Cap, as I mistakenly said before... I always mix up those two lines!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Palitoy Fist-Fighting Captain America!


Palitoy was one of those overseas companies who licensed Mego's products for those markets. I don't recall if Mego did a Fist-Fighting version of Cap or not, off the top of my head! The Fist-Fighting feature was basically a button in the figure's back that you'd press to make the arms flail about to simulate fighting.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Captain Action Sears Catalog Listing from 1966!


Here you see a page from the 1966 Sears Wish Book, featuring Captain Action, as well as the Captain in some of the disguises you could buy for him... like Captain America!

By the way... Cap's shield you see there? Ideal also included it as an accessory with their "Super Queens" Wonder Woman doll!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Marvel Videos (Early 1980s Edition)!


Above you see what I believe was the complete Marvel Video Comics Library released in the early 1980s. These videotapes featured two episodes (sort of) on each tape, the first being one of various Marvel cartoon series (an episode featuring the character on the cover), and the second being one of the 1960s Spider-Man cartoons. The Captain America-themed covers there (as well as many others) used episodes of the 1960s Marvel Super-Heroes Cartoons, but edited together into complete stories (or was that the later, late-80s/early 90s release? I get mixed up sometimes). Yes, the same episodes you're seeing here every now and then!

By the way, the Fantastic Four episodes on these tapes were of the version with Herbie instead of the Torch.

As much as I loved these videos, I think that the price points and cover art were what doomed them... I seem to recall them retailing for over $20 each, and of course, the cover art isn't even from the era the cartoons had been made in! I used to rent these videos (back in the days when home videos were usually too expensive to buy), and one day, I came across a mess of them on clearance... and then found more at a video store that was closing. Unfortunately, I had to sell 'em all when I was out of work for a while.

The set you see above was offered as a single unit, and I'd bid on them... but not nearly as much as I should have! Oh, well...