Wednesday, January 6, 2010

1966 Captain America Bendy!



  1. Still have the shield to this one. The paint never chipped so badly on my figure though but I'm not sure whatever happened to it.

  2. Wow, that's amazing... I don't have any of the actual toys from my childhood!

  3. I have 4 of these Lakeside toys. The first 2 were found at a garage sale years ago but mice nibbled on them when they were out in the garage. I found 2 more a couple years ago on EBay to replace them. None of them have the paint. None of them have the shields. And I have NEVER seen them in their original packaging except for in Ballman's Marvel Silver Age book. Rare.

  4. R.R., I'm rapidly getting the idea! You must find much cooler garage sales than I do...

  5. Just dug mine out today while on a search for some other toy stuff. He has his shield and some paint loss on his face (nose mainly) and 'A' (it was painted off-target a little to begin with). Probably eBay it while the CAPTAIN AMERICA movie is hot now and I am between comic gigs.

    I was trying to take as many eBay pics now as I could.

    1. Doug, sorry to hear you were between gigs back in August (catching up on lots of comments this week)... hope things have turned around for you!