Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Captain Action Disguise!


I've written about what Captain Action is before, haven't I? This version of the Cap outfit included the Flicker Ring I believe I've shown here before.


  1. I've drooled over this item since I FIRST saw it. I've got the complete loose Cap set, near mint (costed about $300..), with him sitting on a GI Joe WWII Harley Davison.

    One day, this box will be mine. Oh, yes, it WILL be mine..

    David Bolter

  2. Well, you've got the outfit, which is way more than I have!

  3. It is SO, SO worth spending the extra money to wait for a high quality one, trust me. Getting the red gloves from 'ClassicPlastik' really finishes him off.

    I'm still surprised that the white 'wings' were never painted, but typically that's what owners do. It's still my favorite CA figure.. I'm hoping to track down a pic I took of him years ago.