Saturday, February 6, 2010

Captain America Shooting Gallery!


OK, this has got to be one of the weirdest rack toys of Cap ever made... Yes, a shooting gallery Cap toy is plenty weird enough, especially with those duck targets (what, no Modok or Red Skull targets?)... but the icing on the cake is the image of Nightshade on the cover -- she was a psychotic madwoman, and nobody I've talked to has any idea how this got produced with her in it (and that includes former Cap writer Tony Isabella, who wrote at least most of the issues she appeared in!).


  1. That was the firstthing I noticed. They used art from Captain America #164. Maybe they wanted art of Cap carrying a gun. That was hard to find back then. If you didn't follow comic books the merchandiser may have though Nightshade was his new sidekick and thought it was ok to use her since she had a gun in her hand.

  2. It's also likely that when this toy was being prepared, the licensors just bought that issue of Cap off the newsstands and grabbed the first pictures they could find out of it... I suppose we'll never really know, will we?