Monday, August 24, 2009

Captain America Halloween Costume!



So close, and yet so far... I have no idea why the manufacturer decided to add the multiple colors on the belt, or the wings with Cap's name on the star...


  1. Haeven help me, I wore that costume as a tyke. The name emblazoned with wings was SOP for these kind of costumes ... even Frankenstein's Monster had to be similarly labelled, as if there would be some confusion as to who the character was on your doorstep. "Superman" wore a domino-mask too! Cap's costume came out (1967) not long after the limited-animation cartoon show first appeared,and I simply HAD to have it. I think it was the last year I wore a prefab costume on Halloween.

  2. yep, kids these days don't know how good they have it with Halloween costumes, do they?

    Still, those old goofy ones still have some charm to them, don't they?

  3. "Charm" is the perfect adjective. And if I remark on any more archaic verbiage, I'll be seriously dating myself ...